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The premier affiliate and partner marketing platform

Awin empowers agencies to drive maximum results for clients across the affiliate and partner marketing landscape with our suite of solutions. Our platform provides the critical control needed including ecommerce plugin integrations that support any tracking solution and unrestricted access to Awin’s robust publisher and technology partner base to grow your and your clients’ businesses.


Launch programs with ease

With simple integration guides and plugin options for various ecommerce platforms, your advertisers can quickly become active on Awin to start generating sales and acquiring new customers. And unlike other platforms, Awin offers support from integration specialists to ensure your programs are operating swiftly and optimally.


Access unique, innovative partnerships

Reach your clients’ target audiences through limitless access to one of the largest partner databases globally, allowing you to find the perfect fit to grow their businesses online. 


Reveal true value

Awin provides the accurate, real-time reporting and data needed into your brands’ programs to showcase performance-based results. These automated insights enable confident investment in the channel by accurately demonstrating which partnerships and campaigns are providing value.


Leverage our experts

Our in-house specialists are dedicated to helping you. Connect with Awin’s agency team for exclusive resources and trainings that further optimize platform activity, reveal untapped partnership opportunities and provide custom data insights, as well as to become an Awin-certified agency and more.

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Elevate your authority as an Awin-certified agency

Elevate your authority as an Awin-certified agency

Awin’s agency certification equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully execute partner marketing across our platform, as well as recognizes you as an industry expert and preferred Awin agency partner.

Unlock the Awin advantage
Enhance your partner marketing with the Agency Success Center

Enhance your partner marketing with the Agency Success Center

The Agency Success Center is Awin’s global, all-in-one exclusive digital hub for agencies. With exclusive partnership opportunities, strategic insights, training materials, industry resources and more, you can further drive success for your clients on our platform. 

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Easy integration for your brands with our ecommerce plugins

Using a plugin greatly reduces time spent on the technical integration. With Awin’s MasterTag  (container tracking tag) your client can seamlessly incorporate one of the ecommerce providers into their affiliate tracking.


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